Royal Jelly Miracle Food

The ‘Royal’ Benefits of Royal Jelly! June 6, 2013 by Isabelle Beenen

Royal Jelly is one of the naturally occurring miraculous super foods on the planet that gets very little press!  It packs a powerful health punch and here’s… Continue reading

GMO Insecticide Is Killing Off Bees

EPA Approved GMO Insecticide Responsible For Killing Off Bees & Puts Entire Food Chain at Risk. April 9, 2012 by Joe Martino

New information has come out that links an insecticide approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to killing… Continue reading

Processed honey is detrimental to health

This article comes from the US but is just as relevant to Australians.. Make sure you purchase pure, unadulterated Australian honey.

Shock finding: More than 75 percent of all ‘honey’ sold in grocery stores contains no honey at all, by… Continue reading

Acne & skin infections

“Honey has long been valued in Asia for its natural medicinal properties. Combined with rice bran, honey is used there to treat diaper rash and even acne. Honey is also an excellent treatment for dry skin as it stimulates good… Continue reading

Insomnia & sleeping disorders

Having trouble sleeping? “A spoonful of honey before bed (by itself or in a cup of warm herbal tea) is a natural sleep remedy that can help you relax and fall asleep faster,” writes Natural News’ Elizabeth Walling.


Honey Boosts the Immune System

Daily use of honey and cinnamon powder strengthens the immune system and protects the body from bacterial and viral attacks. Scientists have found that honey has various vitamins and iron in large amounts. Constant use of Honey strengthens the white… Continue reading

Sooth that cough or sore throat

Suppress that cough and throat irritation. Pure, non-pasteurized honey is an excellent elixir for  common wintertime ailments like coughs, colds and sore throats.

“Honey helps with coughs, particularly buckwheat honey. In a study of 110 children, a single dose… Continue reading